Contact Pastor Greg Locke – Phone Number and Email


Get connected with the Contact Details Of Pastor Greg Locke using the Phone Number and Email Address , The WhatsApp Number and WhatsApp Group, also available.

Contact Pastor Greg Locke

Name:Pastor Greg Locke
Phone Number:+1 615-613-2385
Mailing Address:2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Road, Mount Juliet, Tennessee 37122, United States

What is the Official Phone Number Of Pastor Greg Locke?

Contact Pastor Greg Locke

The Official Phone Number Of Pastor Greg Locke is +1 615-613-2385.

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One thought on “Contact Pastor Greg Locke – Phone Number and Email

  • Jo-Anne Boudissa says:

    This crazy man who is calling himself a pastor is very sick and dangerous man. The type of lies he is spreading and the hatred he breeds have nothing at all to do with God. This right wing election “audit” is simply ridiculous. We have a new president and his name is not Trump. President Biden has already done more for this country in his first 100 days then Trump could even imagine. More than 70% of Americans approve of President Biden’s policies that are geared toward the average person and not just the fortune 500 companies. This so called “Pastor” Locke is lining his own pockets with the congregation’s money. He is a very dangerous man who seems to be acting and speaking on behalf of others when in reality he is just getting rich.

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